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Dear friends site, do you know the KINDLE system to read on your PC, you find books on Amazon in electronic format.


Illustrated recipes in less than 30 min


This collection of recipes was created for people who love the cuisine of our grandmothers, but unfortunately do not have the time to spend at the stove for hours for simmering small dishes like doing my nonina (large mom) and dishes that felt wonderfully good when I came home.

I wish you much pleasure taste, preparing these recipes that take no more time than cooking rice or pasta.

Bon appetite………


The illustrated recipes from my granny in 30 minutes flat

granny recepy 30 site

 The dungeon of Lord Blackmoore (1st Version)


The dungeon red 4 + logo-JPG SITE

The electronic version back much cheaper compared to the paper version, it is extremely environmentally friendly as using 30 times less water for papermaking.

By subscribing Kindle Owners’ Lending Library on,, et

you can read a book every 30 days, without it costing you a dime to read it. This means that each year you can read 12 books without having to invest a dollar. Of course there are devices made of plastic at Amazon, but they make available a version of software that can be adapted as well on PC, Mac, or Android tablet. So that you can read books on your PC, continue on an iPad and finish it on your phone such iPhone, BlackBerry etc..
Here is the link to download this application on the PC. For the Mac it is in the Apple Store for free. 
As I know you are interested in everything in the adult world, my friend Sarah wrote a first book of erotic tales of Lady Sarah, « Lord Blackmoore’s Dungeon , » the adventures of a woman who fights for equal rights between men and women and paradoxically through the love she has for a man discovers the world of BDSM and submission.

Here is the link where you can read 10% of this book, that is to say, all the early introduction and first chapter to get an idea of ​​the type of reading for adults.


 The dungeon of Lord Blackmoore (2nd Version) dungeon ENGLISH - jpg site

Here the  french version
I wish you a good reading. I would be pleased that you leave the site, after reading the e-book your comment. Thank you in advance.

 The Badboy and his math teacher

2 - prof -badboy-jpg




The Fantasies of Eleanor de Saint-Ange

The news volume of the erotic tales of lady Sarah

Fantasie Saint-Ange JPG

Eleanor de Saint-Ange has a fantasy.That of being taken standing in the subway train in the middleof the crowd.

She lived in the 16th arrondissement in Paris and every day, she took the subway to satisfy his fantasies. Between La Porte d’Auteuil station and the Invalides station, it’s in this place that she was hunting her future « victims ».

Eleanor was bisexual. Mattered little to her who would be her sex partner. It was not important who will bring her the pleasure. She has always loved to dominate her lovers. She ran the antics. These were to be totally or completely crazy horniest.

One morning, during one of these daily trips, she met the Baron Manfred Von Arx. This encounter took nothing about chance. He had heard of Madame de Saint-Ange. The german aristocrat had a BDSM Swinger club. He was looking for an associate … …


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I will be a real pleasure to get online your documents for you and creates the cover page of your E-book


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